Improve Your Odds With Roulette Strategies

On a straight number bet, it is well known that roulette odds aren't the most favorable to players. Yet, despite this, it remains one of the most widely played online casino games.

Perhaps due to the unshakeable association with Sean Connery's portrayal of 007, our romance with roulette shows no signs of fading. Whilst this is the case, it is worth ensuring you maximize your enjoyment of the game through a carefully chosen strategy.

Though roulette doesn't perhaps command the same skills of other casino classics, such as poker or blackjack, it is still possible to push the needle of luck slightly in your favor. While we very much appreciate that the innate randomness of roulette is a central part of its thrill, using a strategy can help balance excitement and reward.

Calculating Roulette Odds

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Before getting started, it is useful to know how to quickly calculate roulette odds. A simple method for this is to divide either 37 (on an American roulette table, featuring 0 & 00) or 36 (on a European roulette table featuring only 0), by the amount of numbers your bet covers. Then, subtract 1 from that number to get the pay-out rate of that bet.

So, for a straight bet on one number you should divide 37 by 1. Subtracting 1 from this gives you 36. This gives you a pay-out rate of 36:1, so a winning $10 bet will result in $360 win.

#1 Go for the Outside

The first strategy on our list may not be the most flash, but it hugely increased your odds of hitting a win. Whilst single number bets pay up to 36 times the original stake, they also only have a one in 38 (37 on a European wheel) chance of landing. Outside bets - a bet on red/black or odd/even - on the other hand, have a one in two chance of landing.

Whilst this increased chance of winning comes with much lower pay-outs, it gives you a much better opportunity to play into the night. If you're planning a long evening in the casino, then this strategy gives you a good chance of building your bankroll at the start of your session.

#2 Go European

As mentioned previously, European roulette wheels differ from their American equivalents, in that they only have just one 0. Although this may seem a minor detail, it is actually an easy win all players should take advantage of.

This is because switching to a European wheel allows players to slash the house edge in half. Whilst the house advantage stands at 5.3% on an American wheel, it drops to around 2.7% on a European equivalent. There's no question that anyone concerned with roulette odds should take advantage of this difference.

#3 Try for Free

The greatest benefit to playing online is the ability to play a free version of the game. This offers an ideal environment for trying new strategies or practicing your ability to quickly calculate odds.

Strategy to Avoid

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Whilst we're on the topic of roulette strategy, there are also some strategies that are best avoided. For example, the Martingale strategy - which is one of the better-known strategies out there.

This strategy requires players to double their bet size each time they lose. In theory, this will eventually result in a player recouping their losses, but it rarely works out in practice. It is far more likely to result in you quickly burning through your bankroll, so we'd suggest giving it a swerve. For other great gambling tips, look around our site.