The Meaning of a Slots RTP & Why it is Important

You will often see slot reviews stating a game's RTP. Whilst this can be a useful consideration when deciding which slot to play, not many people truly know the significance of this acronym.

Throughout this article we will aim to clearly explain what RTP is and the implications it has for players. By the end you should well equipped to confidently use this measure, when choosing which games to play.

What is RTP?

This acronym stands for "Return to Player". Simply put, this is the proportion of money staked on a slot that will find its way back to players in the form of winnings. For example, a game with a 95% RTP will return $95 to players for every $100 wagered - with the remaining 5% going to the house.

Of course, losing 5% of your stakes doesn't sound very appealing, but the RTP percentage is based on a lot larger number than $100. With thousands of people paying into a game, there will also be thousands/millions paid out. Whilst some people won't see any return at all, others will receive winnings several times the amount they paid in. It is this simple randomness that makes slots so exciting and appealing to many.

If Pay-outs are Random, Why Does RTP Matter?

Slot Game RTP Explained Canada

Whilst it is true that RTP doesn't tell you exactly what you can expect to win, it is a good indicator of a game's fairness. All game developers are required to state the RTP of each game they produce, which recognized bodies will then audit to check these figures are correct. eCOGRA is one of the leading authorities, when it comes to assessing the fairness of a slot, so players should look for their seal on an operator's site.

As well as being an indicator of fairness, it can also be used as a proxy measure for the entertainment level provided by a game. With higher RTP players can expect a higher number of wilds and bonus rounds to be triggered during game play. Whilst these may only lead to small pay-outs, the way these special features are now designed means they can make for a spectacular event no matter the final reward.

Are There Benefits to Low RTP Slots?

Slot Game RTP Explained

While reducing the house edge increases your chances of receiving a pay-out, it can also result in greater restrictions regarding promotions/bonuses. For example, given the increased likelihood of pay-out, it is common for high RTP slots to be excluded from free spins promotions. Similarly, it is more likely that low RTP games will be allowed to contribute to any bonus wagering requirements.

When considering progressive jackpots, it is also the case that these will be linked to slots with lower RTP. In doing this, operators enable huge jackpot amounts to build up over time. This can contribute to some real heart thumping moments, as you watch the final reel spin, so lowering RTP isn't always a big negative. Have a look around the rest of our site for other great advice.