Online Sportsbooks vs Casinos

When it comes to the thrill of online gambling there are two distinct routes a player can choose to go down - casino or sportsbook. Given the finite nature of both time and money, it is sensible to consider which best suits you.

With this article we will highlight the pros and cons of both of these popular gambling options. By the end, you should be able to make an informed decision on how best to use your hard-earned cash to take on the house!

Online Casinos

Sportsbooks vs Casinos Canada

  • No Previous Experience Required

  • Whether you're a total novice or a casino veteran, there are no barriers to getting started with online casinos. With a fixed return to player (RTP), there is no edge one individual can gain over others.

    For an example of RTP, consider a slot has an RTP of 97%. This means 97% of total wagers will be returned to all players of that slot - with the remaining 3% going to the house. Theoretically, if a group of players were to collectively wager $100, $97 dollars would be returned to them. However, in practice this 97% is averaged out between hundreds of thousands of players - meaning some players could receive pay-outs of 0% whilst others get back several times the amount they wagered. For many this simplicity, and in-built randomness, is the true beauty of slots.

  • Instant Wins

  • Whilst other casino staples require more knowledge, such as blackjack or poker, they still share a commonality. This comes from the fact they are all fast-paced games with the potential to pay-out quickly. Whilst sports events take place over several hours, with bets sometimes being lost early on, the nature of casino games means players can remain engaged for as long as they want.

  • Bonuses & Free Spins

  • The final obvious difference between online casinos and sportsbooks, is the amount of bonuses on offer to players. Online casinos will regularly offer players matched deposit promos and free spins in order to allow players to experience more of the hundreds of games on offer.

    Of course, this doesn't mean free bets aren't a common occurrence on sportsbooks either. However, these are typically offered less frequently and tend to offer lower bonus amounts.

    Online Sportsbook

    Sportsbooks vs Casinos

  • The Sweet Science

  • If you're a sports buff then chances are you believe you can get an edge over the bookmakers... though, if this were true there would be a lot of rich people come Saturday evening. The truth of the matter is, bookmaker odds are based on years and years of statistical data. What's more, they also have visibility of where the money is going. To manage their liabilities, they will trim their odds accordingly - making it difficult to win big on a likely outcome.

    Of course, this isn't the whole fun of sports betting. Tuning into our favourite sports events come the weekend, is a ritual many of us share. Adding some extra spice to the occasion with a side bet is more of a compliment than a main course for many. There is also the potential to prove you have more sporting knowledge than your peers, which can be worth more than a financial pay-out.

  • Variation and Factor Analysis

  • One thing that can be said for sports betting is the sheer variation is enough to keep even the most ardent sports nut occupied. Whereas spinning reels and hands of blackjack can get repetitive, the number of factors involved in most sports make almost every event unique from the last.

    Whether it's the weather, a bad refereeing call, a mistake from a player or intense media pressure, there are lots of factors that could potentially impact the outcome of a sporting event. If you're truly clued in there is a chance you can leverage your passion to gain an edge on the bookmakers, who might not have built all these factors into their predictive models. However, to do this not only takes time and huge dedication but also a large slice of luck.